Everyone Has a Wealth Number. What's Yours?

Wealth Number_Whats Yours

This new net worth index gives everyone in the world a number, from -2 to 11

Commentary: Amy Braun-Bostich

A majority of the world has $100,000 or less in net worth and only 2,852 people in the world are actually billionaires. There are 40 million people that are within $1-9 million in net worth. There are only 2 people in the world that have over $100 billion. Talk about lonely at the top, I should be so lonely!!

From Bloomberg Businessweek, September 30, 2019

"Millionaire." "Billionaire." We think these words are too broad. That's why we created a scale of net worth based on scientific notation, or powers of 10, which you (should have) learned in fifth grade. Here's roughly how it works: One million is 10 to the sixth power, so a basic millionaire is a 6 on our scale. Bezos and Gates are 11s. At the poor end of the scale, someone with $1 in net worth is a zero, and anyone with liabilities exceeding assets is assigned a -2. 

Your Net-Worth Number

By Peter Coy - Bloomberg Businessweek, September 30, 2019

Go to What's your number? for the complete Bloomberg Businessweek article.

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